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Our core values and principles are rooted in customer services first. Through proper planning, and preparation in every assignment, allows us to focus on details, that help create a one-of-a-kind client experience. Our mission is to provide a top tier, global concierge private security solution that protects your quality of life, so you can freely live yours. By providing you with peace of mind allowing you to focus on being safe, happy, and productive.



  • Black Car Service

  • VIP access to special events

  • Private Jet charter service

  • Private Chef’s

  • Sensitive documents & currency transport

  • Oversee authorized personnel entering residence, property, or business for various services

  • Licensed massage therapists

  • Nationally certified athletic & fitness trainers

  • Nationally certified Yoga, Barre & Pilates instructors

  • Project Management: (personnel & staffing options)

  • Preparedness Travel Planning

  • Family emergency action plan implementation

  • Corporate & home emergency preparedness implementation

  • Home security audits

  • Home defense plans


  • Domestic & International security detail

  • High-net worth & high-profile individuals

  • C-suite executives 

  • Sport franchises & organizations: team owner(s) & executives

  • Media Networks

  • Schools

  • Record label executives

  • Real Estate: agencies and/or agents

  • Law Firms: associates, partners, and/or clients

  • Properties: commercial & residential developments

  • Austere, hostile & maritime locations

  • Political Figures: local, state, & federal

  • Religious & Non-Profit Organizations (501c3’s)

  • Security consulting & property audit risk analysis  

  • Hidden cameras, mics, & bug detection

  • Witness protection & private investigation

  • Cyber

  • Contingency Analysis

  • Drone & camera surveillance 

  • Jewelry store armed security

  • Disaster response procedures


  • Location Based Force on Force Training (onsite facility training for a more functional & practical experience)

  • Law Enforcement Agency Training

  • Private Firearms Training for groups, couples & individuals

  • Situational Awareness Training

  • De-Escalation Training & Consulting

  • Active Shooter Training & Consulting

  • Self-Defense Training

  • CQB Training

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training

  • Emergency Preparedness Training & Consulting

  • Corporate CPR Certification & Training

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At Scipio Systems transparency begins with sales. Even earlier. but because it’s the first time when we can speak to you. It’s a good practice to invite the delivery team (product owners, business analysts) to the meeting. This is your chance to meet the people who will take care of the product. At Scipio Systems, we go even further. Sometimes we even bring our principal software engineer to give you an inside on how to tackle the project from the technical standpoint.

When we agree on details, the talk about pricing begins. You should always know what the pricing covers and why. What will happen in every sprint, how much a specific functionality will cost. How much time we need to develop a minimum lovable product (MLP), the finished application. Every single functionality!