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Our security measures are strategically implemented to ensure the safety of our client’s well-being and productivity. Here at KaJor Group, we value time because it’s a priceless commodity, that we can never get back. Allow us to provide you with more time doing the things that make you successful, while we handle the rest.

turnkey security solutions

We provide a turnkey security solution that fulfills your concierge needs.

attention to detail

We provide a unique, personal & valuable experience for our clients.

peace of mind

Private security consulting solutions, that afford you peace of mind.



Our core values and principles are rooted in customer services first. Through proper planning, and preparation in every assignment, allows us to focus on details, that help create a one-of-a-kind client experience.  Our mission is to provide a top tier, global concierge private security solution that protects your quality of life, so you can freely live yours.


KaJor Group provides services to benefit our clientele on multiple levels by creating methods that allow them to flourish in any environment. We provide peace of mind so our clients can focus on the task at hand. Our extensive military and law-enforcement experience, knowledge, and resources allow us to exceed industry standards, servicing high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives.


We train not to change you but to challenge you, while teaching comprehensive methods that become second nature to you.


While attending our courses we ask that you please come with an open mind and the proper emotional and physical tools. Our instructors provide more than just basic teachings, they are going to push you to get the most out of your abilities.

Client and Instructor


Kevin Dixie
Company: No Other Choice
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Kajor Group is a company that embodies things that I view sacred for any entity that proposes providing safety and security for others. Kajor is comprised of individuals that continuously seek information and education to provide cutting edge services, while also showing that they care about human beings as well. Kajor speaks of family values, community rebuilding, and promoting the good attributes of society. I would highly recommend their services, as they are not only going to deliver professionalism, but integrity as well.



KaJor Group provides services that benefit our clientele on multiple levels by creating an environment that allows them to flourish. We provide peace of mind so our clients can focus on the task at hand. Our extensive years of military and law enforcement experience along with our knowledge and resources, allow us to exceed an industry-standard, servicing senior-level executives and high-net-worth individuals as well as large corporations. We understand that the provision of an elite level of services depends on our ability to listen, learn, and understand the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, our practitioners work attentively to ensure that the standards set forth meet or exceed expectations.


  • Enhance principal’s lifestyle

  • Concierge service with an in-house security solution to improve productivity for our client’s

  • Gain a clear understanding of client’s personal & business needs

  • Trained & vetted practitioners, specifically assigned 

  • Provide various layers of security: Drivers coordinate all logistical movement. No 3rd party vendors due to safety precautions. The KaJor Group will access all means of ground travel via rental, company vehicle, or an associated partner

  • Client anonymity: This increases the trust between you as the principal & assigned agent(s), allowing our clientele to have full confidence, knowing that their privacy is very important to us. All practitioners are held to the highest standard & are required to complete Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Methods that not only protect but defend life


At Scipio Systems transparency begins with sales. Even earlier. but because it’s the first time when we can speak to you. It’s a good practice to invite the delivery team (product owners, business analysts) to the meeting. This is your chance to meet the people who will take care of the product. At Scipio Systems, we go even further. Sometimes we even bring our principal software engineer to give you an inside on how to tackle the project from the technical standpoint.

When we agree on details, the talk about pricing begins. You should always know what the pricing covers and why. What will happen in every sprint, how much a specific functionality will cost. How much time we need to develop a minimum lovable product (MLP), the finished application. Every single functionality!