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T.C. Willis


T.C.’s previous position as the Senior Director of Executive & Dignitary Protection of KaJor Group, where he oversaw ground details and force operations. He has excelled in this industry due to a rigorous, systematic, and analytical approach to problem-solving and evaluating potential threats. His experience ranges from serving overseas in the private contractor sector for the Department of Defense (DoD) throughout the Middle East, where he operated as a logistic manager and security operations, serving on a demining and security contract in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

As a logistics manager, he was responsible for facility management, equipment, workforce staffing, including additional duties as a Personal Security Detail (PSD) for government officials and dignitaries in Istanbul and Iraq. As a result, he developed a passion for all the nuances involved in providing security detail, from emotional intelligence to tactical operations. After finishing a two-year stint in Kabul, he transitioned onward to serve on an Embassy and Consulate contract in South Africa for a year before returning to the U.S., where he worked in the Executive Protection field for various companies. T.C. has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education; and maintains several professional certifications: Property Management, Operational Security Awareness (OPSEC), and several high-level security certifications throughout the industry.

Jeremiah Rogers

Vice President

Jeremiah Rogers serves as the Vice President of KaJor Group and focuses on change and contract management solutions, international sales and strategies, and capital program delivery. J.R has over 20 years of experience in international contracting for the Department of Defense (DoD), leading multi-billion dollar top-secret projects and turning failing projects into award-winning bids for several government contract companies while building cross-functional teams globally to meet sustainability demands. 


His breadth of experience ranges from securing winning bids and working with the U.S. Army Core of Engineers, managing Department of State CWD (Conventional Weapons Destruction) and WPS (Worldwide Protection Services) contracts in Iraq and other locations throughout the Middle East. Additionally, he maintains several professional certifications: Six Sigma Green Belt, advanced training in Facility Security Officer Course, Security Overseas Training (OSAC), OPSEC Awareness for Military Members, DoD Employees and Contractors; HTSOS–C Training (High Threat Security Overseas Seminar), International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR). 

William Sentell

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sentell’ currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Kajor Group, and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of new expansions into emerging markets, and assesses internal technological capabilities to secure the functionality and drive extensive and sustainable growth.


In his previous role before joining the Kajor Group, Mr. Sentell’ served as an administrative advisor for one of the unified combatant commands while working as a senior project/program manager in multiple roles. He possesses a comprehensive background in Program Management, OPSEC Security Management, Policy Implementation, Cybersecurity and Data Analysis derived from conducting domestic and global operations across the Middle East. Mr. Sentell’ considers working in the legislative affairs’ joint offices in Tampa, Florida, and D.C., Pentagon H.Q. to be one of the highlights of his career. In this role, he advised and assisted executive leadership with legislative strategies, and planning for Defense Oversight committees to include the Senate and House Appropriations subcommittees on defense support equities and congressional portfolio management.


His portfolio contained COMSEC assets and equipment validated and prioritized with a value of over $3.2B, along with meeting the Department of Defense (DoD) policy and regulation guidelines of asset management and control. He is a results-driven leader with a proven track record of managing multiple large-scale projects. He prides himself on leading cross-functional teams and delivering measurable results in a dynamic and fast-paced environment while providing direct support for over 2500+ service and civilian personnel.William currently holds a B.S. in Business Management and is enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the University of North Alabama with a completion date of June 2021. He also maintains a professional certification in Lean Six Sigma and Information Resource Management under the (DoD), Defense Acquisition University, in addition to being CompTIA Security+ ce certified. His breadth of knowledge in Agile and Lean methodology practices, leadership studies, and facilitation of inter-organizational development to globally support business operations are critical to our company’s performance and growth

Monty Blalock

Chief Financial Officer

Our company can say that Monty is the real MVP for one apparent reason, “Finances.” This former United States Navy Reserve is also a husband and a Martial Artist with a 1ST Degree Black Belt in FILKENJUTSU Kenpo and Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a graduate of Winston Salem State University, Monty is a unique individual with a diverse background with over two decades of experience spread across multiple billion-dollar enterprises that include transportation and Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods and manufacturing companies. His duties involve optimizing our company’s financial performance, including its reporting, liquidity, and return on investment, in addition to communicating with the board, negotiating with suppliers and vendors, and supporting its mission, vision, values, and culture.

Monty is a strategic thinker, and he brings a practical perspective during our consultations, which allows us to provide our clientele with the most beneficial services possible. He has extensive knowledge across various disciplines: Auditing, Finance, Budget and Analysis, Accounting, and he holds several professional certifications (Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Management Accountant). One of his strengths revolves around developing business partnerships with clients and functional leaders to ensure the company can meet its financial commitments and manage cash flow most efficiently while creating optimal investment returns for the business.

Mitzi Blalock

Director of Supply Chain & Global Operations

Mitzi is an award-winning Supply Chain, Procurement, and Operations Director with over 20 years of experience leading and consulting multi-billion dollar global operations on materials management, industry benchmarking, integrated business process management, and supply chain transformations for some of the world’s largest and most complex Fortune 500 companies that specializes in consumer packaged goods (CPG) and manufacturing. She has demonstrated leadership and innovation with the application of supply chain optimization and redesigned business processes while strategically planning, implementing, and executing strategies that resulted in higher customer confidence and strengthened business relations with external vendors and potential clients.

Mitzi is a graduate of Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management. She also maintains a professional certification in Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, and is a certified Kaizen Facilitator. She is one of the most knowledgeable and down-to-earth individuals, and we are grateful to have such a dynamic leader on our team.

Chad Frye

Director of Government Personnel

Chad is one of our favorite jarheads, this father of four has spent his entire career in service in one form or another. Starting his career off in the United States Marine Corps he quickly acclimated himself performing a range of jobs. Becoming an Infantry Squad Leader as well as being assigned to Executive Protection detail of the 7th Fleet Naval Admiral while in the Persian Gulf during Operation Southern Watch. He also provided (EP) for the admiral during high profile visitations from over 216 dignitaries and ambassadors worldwide. During his time in the Marines Chad was a member of a 20-Marine maritime interdiction CQB (Close Quarters Battle) assault team and T.R.A.P. (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft / Personnel) team. His time in the Marines has kept him, discipline and believe it or not he is not as rough around the edges as one would think.

Shortly after departing from the military Chad would join the Louisiana Webster Parish Sheriff’s Department as a Patrolman,  (P.O.S.T) Peace Officers Standards and Training certified then became a Member of the S.W.A.T. team as well as Gang interdiction. His military training served him well as a civilian in law enforcement, making him highly decorated as he continued to excel while on the force and building community relations.

Chad seems to thrive on adversity as he continues to raise the bar for himself, once he accomplished everything he set out to in (L.E.) Law Enforcement he decided to take his talents back to the U.S. government sector but this time in the private sector. He started quickly carving out a successful career as a Federal Agent CCIC (Convoy Commander in Charge) of safe and secure shipments of nuclear weapons, components, special nuclear material, and performing task as a SRF (Special Response Force) tactical team member for the Department of Energy. We are thankful to have him as a part of our KaJor Group family for the many attributes that he provides us a company.

LaShae Smith

Administrative Director

Jordan is probably the most versatile member of our team. She’s the one person that can literally do everything. With her ability to excel in fast pace and chaotic environments, she provides us with the ability to quickly mobilize and adapt. Due to her extensive background in management, and the needs of our team. Her ability to stay focused on the task at hand, is exactly why our clients are taken care of very well. Jordan knows how to set us up for success by paying attention to each client’s needs and objectives. We are thankful to have her.

Bryan Emenecker


Bryan realized his desire to help people in need from emergencies very early on in life. He fell in love with the fire service industry at a very young age, and the dream of becoming a Fireman never left him. Finally, in 1994 his dream became a reality, becoming a Camden City Fireman. Assigned to Ladder Co. 2 from probe school, he quickly was introduced to the city life of fire duty and immediately became hooked. Bryan was transferred within a year to the city’s busiest company Rescue Co.1. A company is full of a hardnosed seasoned urban firemen. As time went on and Bryan gained more experience, he was selected to be a Rescue Specialist to the Urban Search and Rescue Team of NJ, NJTF1 (FEMA), and numerous deployments to hurricane devastation other high-profile emergencies. In 2007 Bryan was Promoted to the Rank of Captain and transferred to the Special Operations Training office for the Camden Fire Dept. His duties were to develop the skill sets and training for the dept such as rope rescue high angle and low angle, building collapse, trench, and water rescue. 

His love for the outdoors was brought on at a young age by his father. In recent years, Brian has continued to scale his portfolio by becoming a firearms instructor for multiple firearm disciplines, and in 2012, he became an NRA Training Counselor. He has trained over 1000 people in several firearm disciplines and Range Safety officer classes and held the NJ State Police Qualification as a trainer to re-qualify retired LEO. In addition, Bryan continues to compete in competitive two gun and steel plate matches and long-range shooting competitions. He is also certified as an Active Shooter Instructor and a Defensive Pistol Personal Protection Instructor.

Billy Lane

Security Director

As our Security Director, Billy has an extensive law enforcement background that stems from working with The Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Office of the United States Attorney “Criminal Division. He is the definition of the phrase “Jack of all trades” but he has also mastered several of those as well. With his advanced training in martial arts, risk mitigation, response to terrorism and criminal threats. His experience and knowledge in the industry are unparalleled and highlighted throughout his career of security detail assignments for government officials, prominent pastors, religious organizations, and high-profile clients having had the privilege of serving and protecting.


His 30 plus years in the field have made him a highly respected instructor and trainer, which has resulted in him being regarded as one of east Tennessee’s top certified licensed instructors. His extensive knowledge provides KaJor Group with a reliable network of intel that keeps our clientele and agents safe during mission-critical assignments. Billy is a significant component in our operational security procedures, and these measures allow us to remain elite in the services that we provide.

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