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KaJor Group offers 25 Plus Years of Global Management Experience ground rooted in the company’s fabric: To address the increasing demands of private security, emergency preparedness, tactical training, and information technology experts, our company has equipped a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) who possess comprehensive backgrounds in Program Management, Tactical Ops, OPSEC Security Management, Policy Implementation, and Data Analysis & Assessments derived from conducting domestic and global operations.

Our executive team are result-driven leaders with proven records of managing multiple large-scale projects and programs simultaneously, and they have years of experience working with Joint Combatant Operation Centers within the Department of Defense and operating Internationally in consultant roles.


KaJor Group’s main objective is to provide our clients with a concierge, private security consulting solution, that affords you peace of mind, by creating a worry-free and safe environment for all of your business and personal needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to constantly evolve so that we can enhance our client’s lifestyle.

  • Maintain a professional & relevant presence: covert or overt

  • Increase productivity time, lifestyle, safety, situational preparedness & readiness

  • Deliver quality & prompt service by maintaining clear & realistic objectives

  • Maintain highest level of customer service

  • Provide appropriate personnel for support & representation based upon assignment

  • Create a long-term partnership that provides our clients peace of mind by keeping them safe, happy & productive


KaJor Group understands that time is the most valuable asset that we have. Therefore we have created a standard of services to aid our clients in reaching their professional and personal goals effectively and efficiently. We’ve already thought about it, so you don’t have to! We work closely with our clients to ensure that we’ve met every aspect of your business and personal needs. Our ability to provide concierge services sets us apart from traditional security companies. Here at KaJor Group, we place our focus on customer service with private security as an additional benefit.

  • Provide a turnkey security solution that fulfills your concierge needs

  • Provide a unique, personal & valuable experience for our clients

  • Provide in house operations for your domestic & international logistics

  • Provide dependable personnel you can trust

  • Provide attention to detail

  • Provide peace of mind for principal & assets  

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At Scipio Systems transparency begins with sales. Even earlier. but because it’s the first time when we can speak to you. It’s a good practice to invite the delivery team (product owners, business analysts) to the meeting. This is your chance to meet the people who will take care of the product. At Scipio Systems, we go even further. Sometimes we even bring our principal software engineer to give you an inside on how to tackle the project from the technical standpoint.

When we agree on details, the talk about pricing begins. You should always know what the pricing covers and why. What will happen in every sprint, how much a specific functionality will cost. How much time we need to develop a minimum lovable product (MLP), the finished application. Every single functionality!