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Woman to Warrior Course


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Woman to Warrior Course




LOCATION: Black Site TIME: 09:00



This is a two-day course. Attendees will be treated with high expectations and responsibilities. You are not a baby; you are a warrior, or you wouldn’t have enrolled in this course. The course isn’t structured to teach you how to be a firearms expert. It’s design to teach you how to survive the fight with your gun, by refusing to be a victim! Be your own first responder and make it home safely, to your family with the least amount of bodily harm.

The weekend will start with a classroom introduction. All classroom content will focus on mindset, mindset, mindset, and personal safety. Emphases on the mental, emotional, physical, and legal fitness of the fight, from “Brain to Boot”!
– situational awareness

– safe firearm manipulation
– how not to be an easy target
– creating better lifestyle habits to avoid having to deploy your weapon – training under duress
– have fun & leave as a better warrior than when you came

The recommendations are for a better training experience but not mandatory for the course, with the exception of a kydex holster, or a way to safely carry your weapon off body, meaning in a purse, bag, backpack etc…. or on your body or person’s. If you already carry a firearm, please carry in this course the same way you would carry every day. (Ammo, will be provided for you)

For pistol rentals please email us whenever you register for this course

Required Gear List:

*A quality semi-automatic pistol

*A minimum 900 rounds of quality factory ammunition

*A spare magazine, preferably 2 extra magazines.

*A quality kydex holster or a safe way to carry off your body. Please no soft

holsters. (we recommend https://furycarrysolutions.com/holsters) * Use Code

KAJOR10 to receive 10% off site wide

*Eye protection: (we recommend https://bit.ly/3r01GdK) * Use Code KAJORGROUP

to receive 10% off site wide

*Hearing protection: (optional but preferred, electronic hearing protection because this

allows us to communicate safely without having to constantly take our hearing protection on & off)


Recommended Gear List:

*A quality gun belt if you are carrying your firearm on your persons (a quality gun belt is a belt that is sturdy, specifically made for carrying a firearm, it does not bend or fold in the middle, there is a difference)

*Weather appropriate gear: (rain gear & shoes)

*A billed hat

*Pen & notepad: (we recommend https://www.riteintherain.com/4-625×7-side-spiral-notebook#cover-colors_yellow_page-patterns_universal#373) * Use Code KAJORGROUP20 to receive 20% off site wide

*Knee pads: (we recommend https://altaindustries.com/collections/tactical/products/alta-contour-360-tactical-knee-pads)

*Bug spray & Sunscreen (seasonal)

*Bring lunch or snacks: (we recommend www.goconditionone.com/kajorgroup20) to receive 20% off site wide

*Bring plenty of water or electrolytes

*A chair if you have one

Firearms cleaning or lubrication kit if you have one: (we recommend slip2000)


Items Not Allowed:

*No hand-loaded or reloaded ammo allowed

*No green tip ammo allowed

*No steel casing ammo allowed

*No soft holsters

*No tank tops

*No opened toed shoes

*No personally modified firearms

*A firearm that you have no clue or idea of how it functions (this means do not show up to

class with your grand pappy’s old WWII relic pistol that you inherited as a family

heirloom, please have a modern semi-automatic pistol made in the 20th century)

*A closed mind

*A bad attitude


Exchange Policy/Cancellations/Refund

Booking a course with KaJor Group is a commitment to train regardless of weather conditions on your given course dates. Course sales are final, and we do not offer refunds or transfers to attendees who cancel or fail to show up. We will however offer a refund or credit in the unlikely chance KaJor Group finds it necessary to cancel a course.


Due to past issues, personally modified firearms are no longer allowed in KaJor Group courses (unless the mods were completed by a certified gunsmith) you will be 100% liable for having a properly functioning firearm.
Listed below are a few modifications that do not require a gunsmith:

*Aftermarket sights

*Aftermarket rails

*Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts including springs,

connectors, firing pins, etc…


* If you are traveling from out of town to attend our courses, please reference our partner’s page & click on Comfort Inn. All KaJor Group attendees will receive %15 off your stay. (You will be asked to show your receipt at check in for the course you are attending)




Thank you and we appreciate you for training with us.


If you have any questions regarding this course, please email us at info@kajorgroup.com



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