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Urban Carbine Course


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Urban Carbine Course




LOCATION: Black Site TIME: 09:00



This is a 1-day course that will cover basic rifle fundamentals with an emphasis on establishing a solid shooting foundation, safe weapon manipulation and techniques. This course is for everyone that owns a semi-automatic rifle regardless of skill level. The most skilled shooter can make mistakes, so attendees will be required to always practice safe muzzle principles. Attendees will learn their hold overs while engaging targets from various distances. The primary goal of this course is for all students to leave with the proper mindset and tools that can be applied to become a more proficient and confident shooter.

This course is Available for legal, US Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders that can legally possess a firearm) only per ITAR (22 CFR §§120-130) To attend this course attendees must be at least 14 years of age or older. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.



Required Gear List:

*A quality semi-automatic rifle that has been zeroed prior to attending this course (Bring a spare rifle if you have one)

*500 rifle rounds of quality factory ammunition

*A quality sling (two-point sling preferred)

*A spare magazine: (a minimum of 1 magazine preferably 2)

*Eye protection: (we recommend https://bit.ly/3r01GdK) * Use Code KAJORGROUP to receive 10% off site wide

*Hearing / Ear protection: (preferably electronic hearing protection because this allows us

to communicate in a safely without having to constantly take our hearing protection off & on)


Recommended Gear:

*Knee pads: (we recommend https://altaindustries.com/collections/tactical/products/alta-contour-360-tactical-knee-pads)

*Weather appropriate gear: (please be sure to check the weather for your scheduled course)

*A billed hat

*Pen & notepad: (we recommend https://www.riteintherain.com/4-625×7-side-spiral-notebook#cover-colors_yellow_page-patterns_universal#373)

*Bug spray & Sunscreen

*Bring lunch (we recommend www.goconditionone.com/kajorgroup20) to receive 20% off site wide

*Bring plenty of water or electrolytes as well as some snacks

*A chair if you have one

*Cleaning & lubrication kit



Items Not Allowed:

*No hand-loaded or reloaded ammo allowed

*No 30 calibers round larger than 7.62 x .39mm allowed

*No green tip ammo allowed

*No steel casing ammo allowed

*No soft holsters

*No tank tops

*No opened toed shoes

*No personally modified firearms

*A firearm that you have no clue or idea of how it functions (this means do not show up to class with your grand pappy’s old WWII relic of a rifle that you inherited as a family heirloom, please have a modern semi-automatic rifle made in the 20th century)

*A closed mind

*A bad attitude



Exchange Policy/Cancellations/Refund

Booking a course with KaJor Group is a commitment to train regardless of weather conditions on your given course dates & course sales are final. We do not offer refunds or transfers to attendees who cancel or fail to show up. We do offer refund or credit in the unlikely chance KaJor Group finds it necessary to cancel a course. Our policy is firm & there will be no exceptions.




Due to past issues, personally modified firearms are no longer allowed in KaJor Group courses (unless the mods were completed by a certified gunsmith) you will be 100% liable for the function of your firearm. If for whatever reason you are unable to complete the course due to a firearm that will no longer function or can’t be put back in battery or operation, you will assume full responsibility for a working firearm, NO REFUNDS will be issued.



* PLEASE show up with a working and clean firearm. You and You alone are responsible for the function and operation of your firearm.



If you have any questions regarding this course, please email us at info@kajorgroup.com



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