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Learning Objectives:

  • Focus on pre-incident behavior
  • Characteristics of active shooters
  • Potential attack methodology
  • Actions to be taken in an attack
  • Identify & Address threatening behavior before elevation to violence
  • Importance of a reporting system that monitors & allows anonymous reporting
  • How to form a multidisciplinary team to address threats


  1. Implement the best E.A.P (Emergency Action Plan) for administration and faculty during and after a lockdown situation, while following current security protocol. (Review and assess current school Emergency Action Plans, Code review, & offer considerations to leadership.)
  2. Perform facility assessment to strengthen potential vulnerabilities w/a review of findings (physical fortification)
  3. Accept – Assess – Move – Position – Determine Lecture (A.A.M.P.D mental fortification)
  4. Stop the Bleed
  5. Tabletop workshop for Leaders (threat assessment, Law Enforcement notification, media control, leakage & messaging to the community)
  6. On site “Active Shooter Training” simulation, and scenario-based training. (All scenarios will be practical, relevant & specific to your facility. All protective equipment will be provided).

Front-line Staff:

  1. A.A.M.P.D Lecture (multiple sessions, rotate teams)
  2. 5-minute walk N talks of “Active Shooter in your Work Area”. 
  3. Stop the Bleed
  4. On site “Active Shooter Training” simulation, and scenario-based training. (All scenarios will be practical, relevant & specific to your facility. All protective equipment will be provided)

 On-site Assessment:

  1. Assessor will utilize an “outside-in” layers of protection approach
  2. Assessor will evaluate the drop-off/pick-up process (sign-in/out procedure; staff placement, contractors etc.)
  3. Assessor will also analyze controlled points of entry/exit, locks, key control, etc.
  4. Assessment will include basic information about the specific facility and its relation to police/fire/medical
  5. Assessment will show strengths and opportunities for improvement
  6. Assessment will not provide “recommendations” but considerations for your leadership team to make the final decision on assessment findings and actions

All Inclusive: (complete, brain to boot training)

Includes training for all administration, teachers, food service employees, & janitorial staff for all sites.  The package also includes yearly follow-ups for evaluation, with recommendations for new implementations due to evolving tactics and technology.

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